Friday, July 23, 2010

Win "Nikon camera + CSI/AXN goody bag"

Source: AXN
Requirement: Guess the number of CSI items (dice / cocktail umbrellas / red apples) there are at 313 Somerset (Click HERE To Join)
Prizes: 3 winners 'Nikon camera + CSI/AXN goody bag'
Till: 9 Aug 2010

CSI Franchise makes TV History - CSI Trilogy

For the first time ever, three CSI teams will come together to solve one shocking mystery! A 3-episode special crossover in a uniquely-tied storyline uniting the 3 procedural dramas. Dr Raymond Langston (Lawrence Fishburne) will guest star in CSI: Miami and CSI: NY, concluding the case at home in Las Vegas on CSI. Each episode is just as entertaining and conclusive in their own stand-alone episode. However, viewing the 3 episodes in order only enhances the overall CSI experience!