Friday, May 14, 2010

Win "tickets to Maha Moggallana – A Story of Filial Piety"

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Prizes: 10 winners 'tickets to Maha Moggallana – A Story of Filial Piety'
Till: 19 May 2010

This extraordinary godly performance is a spiritual journey for all mortals

A soulful visit to a world of fraternity, understanding, peace and beauty

A virtuous wife and doting mother finds herself losing her sons to Buddhism soon after the sudden loss of her husband. Her grief turns into anger. She fails to see the goodness of her sons’ actions and instead deems them as abandoning her. Once a devout Buddhist, she retaliates by going against the Buddhism teachings. She eventually faces the retribution of her actions and suffers in the hell of Avicinaraka. While in hell, the mother is brutally tortured and is in constant pain and hunger. She cries out to Maha Moggallana. He hears her and sets out on a mission to rescue his mother and all others who are suffering in hell.

Follow Maha Moggallana as he embarks on a journey of emotional discovery, redemption and enlightenment.

Adapted and directed by Singapore’s celebrated playwright / director Goh Boon Teck Choreographed by veteran choreographers Yan Chong Lian and Ng Chay Kuang