Source: MTV Asia
Requirement: Watch MTV SWAG for the codeword (Click HERE To Join)
Prizes: 5 winners 'BEAST Shock Of The New Era: The Second Mini Album autographed CD'
Till: 29 Apr 2010

Fans of South Korea watched the practicing and making process of BEAST through MTV reality program from August 2009. That program is a very special opportunity given only to promising rookies with talents. And the story of six members thrilled a lot of fans.

And in October, BEAST, which was composed of 6 powerful members, Doojoon Yoon, Hyunseung Jang, Joonhyung Yong, Yosub Yang, Kikwang Lee, and Dongwoon Son finally revealed their secret look. PLAYCUBE released the first mini-album of BEAST, [Beast Is The B2ST], on 14th October, and the sales record of mp3 rose rapidly and their CD began to be the chart-topping album. This is not usual for rookies. Especially their performance on TV show directly resulted in strong praises by broadcasting professionals.