Friday, March 12, 2010

Win "Powermonkey Explorer"

Source: Association for International Cancer Research
Requirement: Answer a question (Click HERE To Join)
Prizes: 1 winner 'Powermonkey Explorer'
Till: 26 Mar 2010

"You know what it's like. You're away from home, you really need to make that one call and your mobile phone has just run out of battery power (again). Or maybe you're relaxing on a beautiful beach and your iPod has just played its final tune or you're at the top of a mountain looking out at an incredible view and your camera battery's dead.

Ultra compact, tough and powerful, the powermonkey- eXplorer is always ready for your next adventure. With the new solar-slave the powermonkey-eXplorer kit lets you charge wherever, whenever.

Key Features:

* Power up laptops and accessories
* Includes mains travel charger for use in 150 countries - 110V to 240V
* Solar-slave + powermonkey-eXplorer = 2 reusable sources of power (no batteries needed)
* Water-resistant, rubberised design - a power source for every adventure
* Comes with the following tips: 1 x USB for smart phones, PDAs and other devices, 1 x iPod connector, 1 x connector for Sony PSP and most digital cameras, Nokia & Mini Nokia, Motorola V66, Samsung E900, Siemens C25 and Sony Ericsson wide connectors, 1 x mini USB for Motorola Rzr V series, BlackBerrys and Bluetooth headsets."