Friday, January 8, 2010

Win "Shaw Movie Passes and “My One and Only” Movie Posters"

Source: MyeCitizen
Requirement: Watch MTV Asia for the SWAG code word (Click HERE To Join)
Prizes: 5 winners 'Shaw Movie Passes and “My One and Only” Movie Posters'
Till: 21 Jan 2010

Renee Zellweger stars as a self-absorbed woman, Ann Deveaux who leaves her philandering husband and takes her two teenaged sons across the country looking for a worthy new suitor.

Ann is certain that her girlish charms will serve her as well as they did 20 year ago. But time has marched on since Ann's courting days, and it seems that the losers and playboys outnumber the eligible and willing bachelors.

Based on the childhood recollection of actor George Hamilton, this is a comedy that follows their poignant cross-country adventure where they find new levels of self-reliance as they pull together as a family and overcome the unexpected pitfalls of the road.