Friday, December 11, 2009

Win "Chaw movie preview tickets"

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The frightening cannibal boar, Chaw comes out in the mountain village Sameri, where there's been no crime for more than 10 years! In a calm and peaceful mountain village Sameri where has been no crime for years, a community headman dreams about bringing an economic success to the town with a weekend-farm business. One day, a terrible damaged dead body is discovered in the grove by the village, and the whole town sinks in the chaos by this shocking tumult it never experienced before. The dead body turns out to be the granddaughter of CHUN Il-man, a former gunner who runs an old gun shop. After investigation police says she was murdered, but CHUN digs into the case by himself and claims she was attacked to death by the cannibal boar Chaw. Voices are being raised that the weekend-farm must be shut down, but the town leaders, blind with the greed for money, keep pushing the business ahead. In a few days Chaw appears again to attack tourist as CHUN predicted and Sameri turns to the most dreadful and dangerous village in the whole country from the once heavenly place on earth.