Saturday, October 31, 2009

Win "Male and female Hairy Crabs worth $43"

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Prizes: 1 winner 'Male and female Hairy Crabs worth $43'
Till: 5 Nov 2009

If you decide to relish a mixed pair of crabs, it will cost $42.60.These are gentle mitten crabs with delicate sweet flavours, not like the aggressive Sri Lanka ones which have stronger flavours. At a tasting at the Food Place, we found both the male and female crabs contain a buttery rich milt but the latter had orangey roe too, that can be firm to the bite if you steam it too long.

In terms of taste, the male's milt was richer with more Umami flavour, probably due to the peak for male crabs now. Suck up the juices with some sweet meat for a better mouthfeel.