Monday, October 26, 2009


Is anyone still visiting this site??

Its so quiet and boring around here!!!!


Angel said...

hi there!
i'm visiting u!
it's not so quiet now is it?

Cindy said...

I'm alive too! :)

Pat said...

sup? im here every morning when i get to work!

Bachuchay said...

I'm from the Philippines but I visit your site everyday ;) let's make some noise!! =D

SingaporeDraws said...

Wow. So many of you replied. This is great! :)

Thanks for making an effort to comment, feeling more motivated now. Haha!

townman said...

of cos, never give up

Emily said...

hey! i do visit too!

Keep the blog up! It's the best after ilovecontest left! =)

Loretta said...

Hey I'm here too =) i've dropped by less coz of sch stuff :x Don't worry i'm still visting your blog a few times per week =)

SingaporeDraws said...

Thanks everyone!

Im thinking of adding new content (nothing to do with contests) to spice up things around here!

Stay Tuned!