Friday, January 2, 2009

Win a "5D/4N trip for 2 to Fujian"

Requirement: Spend $50 @ Raffles City. link

1 winner '5D/4N trip for 2 to Fujian'

Till: 4 Feb 2009

Results: (by E-mail/Phone/Post)

'Remember to get your free Ang Baos and orange carrier bags too!'

Win an "Epson Stylus Office Printer"

Requirement: SMS EPSON space GOLD space TRUE space NAME space NRIC or EPSON space 933 space TRUE space NAME space NRIC to 72346.

Prizes: 1 winner 'Epson Stylus Office TX600FW Printer'

Till: 29 Jan 2009

'Each SMS costs 20 cents and I have already given you the answers!'

Win a "'Kanye West signed MTVi tees"

Requirement: Answer: What is the name of the music production program designed to motivate students to stay in school and graduate under the Dr. Donda West Foundation?. link

1 winner 'Kanye West signed MTVi tees'

Till: 31 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'I'm sorry, but the tee is really ugly!'

Win "Fall Out Boy's Folie a Deux"

Requirement: Answer: What is the name of Fall Out Boy's first album ever released. link

5 winners 'Fall Out Boy's Folie a Deux'

Till: 7 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'Ain't the bears cute!'
Requirement: Log on to Business Traveller Asia-Pacific to register. link

1 winner 'Accommodation at the Sheraton Shenyang Lido Hotel'

Till: 31 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'You can only fly there by China Southern Airlines from Changi and you still have to transit at Guangdong! I'm not even sure if this is a prize anymore!'

Win "Changeling Preview tickets"

Requirement: Answer the question: What date did Christine Collin's son, Walter go missing? link

10 winners 'A Pair of Changeling Preview tickets'

Till: 15 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'Its NC 16 in Singapore when its R in America! Its either Singapore censors do not find violence unsuitable for teenagers or they cut off all the interesting scenes!'

Win a "Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro

Requirement: Renew your Road Tax online in Jan 2009. link

1 winner 'Microsoft Xbox 360 Pro worth $500'

Till: 31 Jan 2009

Results: 28 Feb 2009 link

'This is a monthly draw, you will also qualify for a grand draw.'


Those who have spent $3 000 using their Standard Chartered Card for the month of December, please remember to sms to 78722 TODAY (2 Jan 2009). It's today only. So please do it now or at least before 11pm.

All entries win a prize, so just message away.
Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Today is the last day of 2008, I hope everyone enjoyed the past 365 days. It has been a fun and eventful year for me and everyone in Singapore(Hopefully!). Our first Olympic Medal since independence(imported human also considered Singaporean mah), our first terrorist victim(1 min of silence pls), our first F1 night race(got cursed by old man of ferrari), $2 COE(cause suddenly people cannot afford car) etc etc etc.

Here's something for everyone to improve your luck. link. Written by Prof Wiseman (his parents must be so happy that their kid can finally show the world that its really in their genes) So stop picking 4 leaf clover(Cause, I picked lots for you.)

Happy New Year 2009 everyone!
Requirement: True or False: Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea is directed by Hayao Miyazaki, director of the popular animation Spirited Away. link

10 winners 'Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea Soundtrack'

Till: 21 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'Ponyo Ponyo Ponyo...... Pardon me, but this show gives me the creeps! Its not even cute! Its disgusting! I don't even know why I'm putting it here!'
Requirement: Log on to Business Traveller Asia-Pacific to register. link

2 winners 'Accommodation at the Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: (by E-mail)

'Hurry Up! Last Day to join! Not that you should be going to Bangkok anytime soon though!'
Monday, December 29, 2008


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, New year is upon us soon. Make sure you go out and party like theres no tomorrow.

I have changed the archives to weeks format so that its easier to browse and also because I plan to rearrange the draws that have ended. Will work on that soon, after the holidays. Haha.

Meanwhile, it seems that the strike-through works on all browsers except Firefox. Anyone knows why???

Lastly, a public announcement. IF YOU DRINK, DON'T DRIVE!

Requirement: Log on to and answer: What is the title of Jonas Brothers' latest album?. link

1 winner 'Essential Jonas Brothers Fan Pack, which includes their latest album A Little Bit Longer, a medium-sized girls skinny fit tee, a tote bag, pendant and a set of 4 pin badges, all packed in an exclusive personalized Jonas Brothers vanity case'

Till: 18 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'To all the screaming-raging-hormones-teenage girls out there, this is for you!'


Congratulations to

"Ooi Ah Nya" for winning the Toshiba LCD TV. List of other Winners.

30 Winners of LG Handphones.

'Joy to the World!'
Requirement: Spend $50 at Carrefour and present your Lucky Charm card to the casher. link

176 winners '1 Year's Free Parking at Carrefour worth $260' (88 winners per store)

Till: 26 Mar 2009

Results: (by Post/Phone)

'$260 worth of parking comes in a cashcard, therefore it qualifies as a cash prize! They never include the ERP charges!'
Sunday, December 28, 2008


Congratulations to

"Chay Fong Ying
Yeo Tiong Beng
Koh Chan Guan
Ong Teng Kok
Tang Wai Yin Sharon
Bassili Victor Antonie
Lim Huat Eng
Vallejo Rovelyn Aduan
Hong Chin Beng
Fredrick Ng,
" for winning the $1 000 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers for Draw Date: 22 Dec 2008.

'Personally, I find their staff very rude!'

Win a "Akon’s Freedom album"

Requirement: True or False: Akon was nominated for a Grammy Award for his single, ‘Smack That’. link

5 winners 'Akon’s Freedom album'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: (by E-mail)

'Lonely... I'm so lonely... I've nobody... to call my ownnnnn!'