Saturday, December 27, 2008

Win "'Marley & Me Movie Hamper"

Requirement: Name one of the cast for the movie 'Marley & Me. link

1 winner 'Marley & Me Movie Hamper worth $150'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: (by E-mail)

'Why is a car magazine giving out tickets to a dog show?'

Win a "'Fred Claus' Movie Hamper"

Requirement: Name the cast who lost the believe in Christmas in the movie 'Fred Claus'. link

10 winners ''Fred Claus' Movie Hamper'

Till: 12 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'Christmas is over, now we start shopping!'

Win a "'Twilight' Movie Hamper"

Requirement: Name the cast who played the vampire in the movie 'Twilight'. link

10 winners ''Twilight' Movie Hamper'

Till: 1 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail)

'The book is selling like hotcakes now!'
Requirement: Name the actor who plays the arch enemy of The Spirit. link

10 winners ''The Spirit' Collectable Premiums'

Till: 8 Jan 2009

Results: 20 Jan 2009(by E-mail)

'I'm pretty sure this is going to be an interesting movie, but given that Miller is the one directing it, its probably going to irritate the hell out of me!'
Requirement: Send an EDM to 5 friends asking them to visit the Chivalry site to watch the latest Chivalry TV commercial. link

10 winners '1 year’s supply of Chivas CR12 (2 cases)'

Till: 15 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail/Phone/Post)

'Chivalry doesn't exist anymore! Humans have become too selfish and self-centered!'
Friday, December 26, 2008


Congratulations to

"Vijaya D/O Rajaratenam" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 22 Dec 2008.
"Lim Wee Chuan" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 21 Dec 2008.
"Goh Beow Beow" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 20 Dec 2008.
"Bek Chin Boon Stephen" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 19 Dec 2008.
"Soh Guan Cheng" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 18 Dec 2008.
"Ng Wee Hong" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 17 Dec 2008.
"Wong Teck Kwang" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 16 Dec 2008.

'The price keeps dropping = Less chance of qualifying!'
Requirement: Enter your particulars in the Venetian Macao website. link

10 winners 'Shopping Credits + 2N stay @ Venetian Macao'

Till: 9 Jan 2009

Results: (by Website)

'I wonder if they are also going to retrench as many as the Sands.'
Thursday, December 25, 2008

Win "Tickets to the Chingay Parade 2009"

Requirement: Register as a MyeCitizen lifestyle member and answer the following question: "What is the membership fee for PAssion Card?" link

Winners 'Tickets to the Chingay Parade 2009'

Till: 15 Jan 2009

Results: 20 Jan 2009(by E-mail)

'The answer is: "Super Cheap!" I never understand why you need to pay for Chingay Tickets and its so expensive!'

Win "$100 Tangs Vouchers"

Requirement: Sign up as a MyeCitizen lifestyle member. link

3 winners '$100 Tangs Voucher'

Till: 27 Feb 2009

Results: 6 Mar 2009 (by E-mail)

'MyeCitizen ( is a one-stop lifestyle portal featuring personalised eService offerings from the government and the private sector.'
Requirement: Watch 'The Alps' @ Singapore Science Centre - Omni-Theater. link

1 winner 'A pair of return Economy Class air tickets to Zurich (Switzerland) worth $7000'

Till: 30 Apr 2009

Results: (by E-mail/Post)

'Since when does a pair of economy class tickets to Swiss cost so much?'
Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It seems to me that the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2009 is cancelled. I'm therefore putting a strike-through for the post. link. Folks that bought the tickets, kindly get your refunds from Sistic. That part of Singapore seems to be cursed, please let there be no accidents at the IR this Christmas.

Draws that have ended will also be strike-through in future so that your precious time is not wasted reading them.

Requirement: Charge S$500 spent @ Best Denki to UOB 0% Instalment plan. link

3 winners '6 Samsung electrical products: 40” LCD TV, Soundbar Home Theatre System including DVD player, Fully Auto Washer, Refrigerator, Vacuum Cleaner,Convection Type Microwave Oven'

Till: 25 Jan 2009

Results: (by Newspaper/Post)

'Please read the fine prints for the 0% Instalment plan.'

Win "2 Million Air Miles"

Requirement: UOB Cards is celebrating its 20th anniversary, simply spent $50 using your UOB cards. link

1 winner '2 Million Air Miles'

Till: 8 Feb 2009

Results: 9 Apr 2009 (by Newspaper/Phone/Mail)

'There is a great weekly draw too, so remember to spend all your money with UOB cards.'
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Win a "$1 500 Petrol Vouchers"

Requirement: Buy a car spa package for your Toyota car. link

1 winner '$1 500 Petrol Vouchers'

Till: 28 Feb 2009

'A spa package for your car! What about one for me too???'

Win a "Copy of Vegan a Go-Go"

Requirement: Fill out a form. link

2 winners 'Copy of Vegan a Go-Go'

Till: 8 Jan 2009

Results: 14 Jan 2009 (by E-mail)

'There's a recipe for spicy black bean burger! I'm sure vegans will love it! I however, prefer not to fart the whole day!'
Requirement: Fill out a form. link

5 winners 'Afterglow's Organic Glow Bronzer and a kabuki brush with a bag'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: 9 Jan 2009 (by E-mail)

'Please do not give pets this christmas!'
Monday, December 22, 2008

Win a "Set of Australia premiums"

Requirement: Register with AXN Asia online and answer a simple question about the movie 'Australia'. link

35 winners 'Set of Australia premiums'

Till: 28 Dec 2008

Results: (by Post/E-mail/Phone)

'They are actually going to choose 35 back-up winners, so they are expecting a 100% attrition rate then!'
Requirement: Answer a simple question: What is the name of the theme song for LaMB? link

15 winners 'Simple Plan Autographed Merchandise'

Till: 9 Jan 2009

Results: (by E-mail/Phone)

'You will receive a set of Simple Plan T-shirt, autographed poster and CD!'

Win "$5 000 Cash"

Requirement: Visit Suzuki Pandan Showroom (2 Pandan Crescent, Singapore 128462), answer 3 simple questions and guess the correct number of soccer balls in the Suzuki Car. link

1 winner '$5 000 Cash'

Till: 4 Jan 2009

Results: 8 Jan 2009

'I think they really need this, just to attract human traffic!'
Sunday, December 21, 2008

Win "$1,000 Isetan Shopping Vouchers"

Requirement: Pay your 2009 TV Licence fee using the MDA - Payment of TV and Vehicle Radio Licence Fees service under the Government category on any AXS Station. link

20 winners '$1,000 Isetan Shopping Vouchers'

Till: 31 Jan 2009

Results: 9 Feb 2009(by Today papers/Website)

'$1 000 is actually not a lot when you go on a shopping spree at Isetan!'

Win a "CHIMEI 32" HD LCD TV"

Requirement: Make your HDB payments on AXS Station. link

8 winners 'CHIMEI 32" HD LCD TV'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: (by Phone/Website)

'When I think of AXS I only think of fines! What a good branding they have done to me!'