Saturday, December 20, 2008

Win a "Nikon DSLR D90"

Requirement: Purchase any SanDisk product (8GB and above) or Sansa MP3 Player (2GB and above).

Prizes: 1 winner 'Nikon DSLR D90'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

'Its SanDisk 20th anniversary! It sounds so old already! Anyway, did you know that one of its founder is a Chinese!'

Win a "$888 Home Repainting"

Requirement: Purchase Dynamo Laundry Detergent (4.7kg) together with a Downy Fabric Softener (2 ltrs).

1 winner '$888 Home Repainting'

Till: 24 Dec 2008

'1 week offer only! Get your house repainted before CNY!'
Requirement: Purchase any Exilim Digital Camera.

1 winner '42" Hitachi Ultra Thin HD LCD TV'
10 winners 'iPod Nano (16GB)'

Till: 11 Jan 2009

'They have a new 'make-up' mode camera and it comes in pink too! I'm sure Xiaxue would love it! '
Requirement: Spend $200 @ Junction 8 today and be there for the draw @ 12 midnight. link

1 winner 'Soo Kee Jewellery Lustria Diamond Jewellery set'

Till: 20 Dec 2008

Results: 20 Dec 2008

'Junction 8 is going out in full force today! Lots of prizes to be won and top spenders get additional chance of winning Acer computers! With a minimum spending of $200 and you being there physically at 12 midnight, this might be your only chance of really winning something big! '
Requirement: Take a photo with any of the three RED CLIFF II character costumes display (Tony Leung as Zhou Yu, Takeshi Kaneshiro as Zhuge Liang or Lin Chiling as Xiao Qiao) at Plaza Singapura (at Main Entrance) and answer the following question:

Plaza Singapura is the official mall for RED CLIFF II, which opens on 9 January 2009. True or False? link

1 winner 'Trip to Chengdu, Sichuan China'

Till: 31 Jan 2009

Results: (by Post)

'I can't wait for the movie to be out and I think this prize can be made better by a dinner with Tony, Takeshi and Chiling! Thinking too much ain't I???'
Friday, December 19, 2008


"Win $10 000 Cash"

Those who have registered for the Orchard Walkathon, REMEMBER to turn up at The Heerens, 7p.m. tomorrow (20 Dec). Complete the quiz and make sure you stay till 11p.m. for the lucky draw.

Good Luck winning the CASH!

Win a "42" LG LCD TV"

Requirement: Purchase any LG Netbook.

5 winners '42" LG LCD TV'

Till: 31 Jan 2009

Results: Instant

'Lots of other prizes to be won.'

Win a "$200 SISTIC voucher"

Requirement: Purchase any SISTIC tickets with MasterCard. link

10 winners '$200 SISTIC voucher'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: 22 Jan 2009 (by Post/Website)

'MasterCard seems to be more prominent and advertising more aggressively than VISA in recent years!'

Win a "$400 Harrods Gift Hamper"

Requirement: Purchase any Sistic tickets online. link

1 winner '$400 Harrods Gift Hamper'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

'They sell tickets to the Siloso Beach Party and the Marina Bay Singapore Countdown, so you have no reason not to buy any tickets even if you cannot appreciate arts!'

Win a "40" LCD TV"

Requirement: Purchase any Diners WorldTraveller insurance plan. link

1 winner '40" LCD TV'

Till: 28 Feb 2009

'This plan still doesn't cover terrorism or political-related problems, just your run of the mills plans.'
Thursday, December 18, 2008

Win a "3D2N Ritz Carlton Shanghai + $1 000 Travel Voucher"

Requirement: Spend $30 @ the post office, SAM, or through mail
order. link

1 winner '3D2N Ritz Carlton Shanghai + $1 000 Travel Voucher'
1 winner '$500 Cash' (1 winner per week)

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: (by Post)

'All the links are in pdf format! Are they so lazy that they can't put it in html ?'
Requirement: Complete a form for Vineyards Direct. link

1 winner '5D4N Trip for 2 to Margaret River, Australia, including a tour of Margaret River and a sumptuous lunch at the world famous Cullen Vineyard'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: (by Phone/E-mail)

'Sun, Sand, Sea and wine! Plus the lower currency rate, everything is so much nicer! Indulge in all your senses!'
Requirement: Spend $80 @ Eu Yan Sang.

Prizes: 1 winner '7 Days Shanghai & Beijing Trip for 2'

1 winner "5 Days Hong Kong & Macau Trip for 2'

Till: 24 Jan 2009

'Before the Christmas Draws ends, the CNY Draws starts! I didn't know Eu Yan Sang has expanded to such a big extent! Did you know that they have 19 clinics in Singapore!'

Win a "HP iPAQ 914c"

Requirement: Help SkyTrax complete one of fifteen World Airline Survey for 2009. link

1 winner 'HP iPAQ 914c Handheld Smartphone' (1 per month)

'I know its nice to be patriotic and stuff and our SIA is kinda beating the crap out of the rest of the competitors, but please be truthfully in your choice!'

Win a "HP iPAQ 914c"

Requirement: Help SkyTrax complete their World Airport Survey for 2009. link

1 winner 'HP iPAQ 914c Handheld Smartphone' (1 per month)

'There is no end to this survey, but you can only do it once per year, and then you wait for the next , and the next, and the next......!'
Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Win a "$10 000 Cash"

Requirement: Purchase 5 reams of Double A paper. link

2 winners '$10 000 Cash' (1 per month)
15 winners '$3 000 Shopping Vouchers' (3 per week)

Till: 27 Jan 2009

'Why do they put 28 Jan as the last day of promotion, when its the day of the final draw? Make sure your forms reaches them before the 28!'

Win a "HP Laptop"

Requirement: Buy a ream of PaperOne paper (personal use) or a carton of PaperOne paper (office use). link

10 winners 'HP Laptops' (2 per week)

Till: 29 Dec 2008

Why is this paper company website not fully compatible with Firefox? Nice website design though!'
Requirement: Design a Season Greetings - Celebrate the holiday season! pic. link

2 winners 'Intuos3 9x12 tablets with Premium DICOTA Bags'

Till: 9 Jan 2009

It seems that they always give out the same few prizes!'
Requirement: Share your concept design for the next hit selling product and test your design skills against other designers and artists in The Big i Contest. link

2 winners 'Intuos3 9x12 tablets with Premium DICOTA Bags'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

No amateur work! Only join if you are really talented! Really Really Really talented!'


Congratulations to


TEO CHAI YAW" for winning $2000 cash by shopping at Sitex.

'Woooooo! $2 000 Cash! I know i can use that for my Christmas shopping!'

"Rick Teo Kwong Meng" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 15 Dec 2008.
"Sim Nam Cheong" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 14 Dec 2008.
"Ahmad Bin Abdulah Basalamah" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 13 Dec 2008.
"Tee Ban Han" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 12 Dec 2008.
"Ng Siow Meng" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 11 Dec 2008.
"Teo Say Hwee" for winning the $5 000 Shell fuel for Draw Date: 10 Dec 2008.

'The winners should start a forum to sell their vouchers!'
Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Win a "Sony Ericsson W580i and a Gabriella Cilmi signed album"

Requirement: Write you name and E-mail for 'diet Coke' Silver Room. link

1 winner 'Sony Ericsson W580i mobile phone and a Gabriella Cilmi signed album courtesy of 'diet Coke' Silver Room'

Till: 20 Jan 2009

I like her one-hit-wonder "Sweet about me" !'
Requirement: Send a Christmas card through link

1 winner '3D2N stay at The Shilla Seoul (5 star hotel)'

Till: 4 Jan 2009

Results: 12 Jan 2009 (by Website)

'You need to register! If you are the webmaster for, i'm offering to proof-read all you articles so that I do not have a chance to laugh my head(s) off!'
Requirement: Complete a Survey for link

3 winners '3D2N Hotel accommodation in Korea'

Till: 28 Dec 2009

Results: 29 Dec 2008 (by Website)

You need to register! 'They really need someone to moderate their language! I can only laugh when they say "We hope that many of you will..... as it will greatly help us...." and that's not even the end of the tragedy!'

Win a "One Year Gym Membership"

Requirement: Submit your E-mail. link

1 winner 'One Year Gym Membership'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

'Now there is no excuse not to fulfill your New Year Resolution!'

Win an "iPod Touch 16GB"

Requirement: Complete a Kelly Global Workforce Index 2008 Survey for Kelly Services. link

1 winner 'iPod Touch 16GB'

Till: 29 Dec 2009

Results: 30 Dec 2008

'Interesting that the survey has got nothing about the economic crisis going on right now!'
Requirement: Answer a simple question about CNA's Japan Hour. link

1 winner 'Two ANA Return Economy Class tickets to Japan'

Till: 15 Jan 2009

Results: 12 Feb 2009 (by Website/Today papers)

'The Yen has appreciated this year, so you need to save up more before embarking on the trip and the hotels there are not cheap either! Other prizes to be won too! '
Monday, December 15, 2008

Win "NESCAFE(R) Hamper"

Requirement: Purchase any NESCAFE(R) 3in1 and/or NESCAFE(R) cans. link

3 winners 'NESCAFE(R) Hamper'

Till: 31 Mar 2009

Results: (by Post)

'I think Lewis will get a pay cut next season!'

Win a "Samsung 40" LCD TV"

Requirement: Buy a Christmas Combo Meal from Yoshinoya.

Prizes: 1 winner '40" Samsung LCD TV'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

'Everyone is giving out a TV!'
Sunday, December 14, 2008

Win "12 bottles of Penfolds Grange 2001"

Requirement: Recommend a friend to Australian Wine Index. link

1 winner '12 bottles of Penfolds Grange 2001'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

Results: (by Phone/E-mail/Website)

'These bottles of wine cost $50 000!'

Win a "Honda Fit 1.3G(A)"

Requirement: Spend $50 @ HarbourFront Centre.

1 winner 'Honda Fit 1.3G(A)'

Till: 31 Dec 2008

'You might want to take a trip to Batam while you are there!'


Congratulations to

"Levy Punsalan Khor
Susan Chow Siew Mei
Esther Yeo Hui Peng
Cheng Hwee Choo
Darrer Lee Wan Leng
Janny Sulaiman
Bangi Balasaheb Abhay
Chiang Siak Pyng Kelvin
Harold Ong Biah Seh
Ong Hoon Jin,
" for winning the $1 000 Takashimaya Gift Vouchers for Draw Date: 8 Dec 2008.

'That's a whole lot of weird names!'

"Derrick Chew
Ruth Lee
Tung Pik Yin
" for winning the Seagate FreeAgent Go Portable Hard Drive + Dock, 500GB by voting for your favourite Seagate Locker Art design.

'Check out the designs! Some of them are really cool!'
Requirement: Complete the game under two minutes. link

150 winners 'A pair of Tickets to the HSBC Women's Champions 2009'

Till: 20 Feb 2009

Results: (by E-Mail/Phone)

'There's also a grand draw for each month, with attractive prizes to be won! The game takes a little while to get used to and then 2 minutes is just chicken feet!'